Stine Bidstrup at Urban Glass this June!

Stine Bidstrup will be teaching a 5-day intensive at Urban Glass in Brooklyn from June 1-5, 2015

Two-Way Window: Optics of Glass and the Eye

For enrollment and scholarship opportunities please visit Urban Glass’ website.

This class will look at the fabric of relationships between glass and vision with respect to optics and perception. Motivated by the idea of glass as a lens or membrane that reflects, distorts, and transforms, the workshop will combine basic digital image and pattern-making techniques with handcrafted working methods to suspend ideas within the transparent and mutable nature of glass.

The class will be working hands-on and experimentally with thought processes around optical phenomena in glass that consider elements of historical Scandinavian glass working traditions such as the Graal technique. Invented in the first decades of the 20th century at Orrefors Glass Factory in Sweden, this technique – and techniques that evolved from it such as ‘fake’ Graal, Ariel, and Ravenna – allow details of pattern or air pockets to be applied to blown glass and integrated underneath the surface of the glass skin. We will re-visualize mathematical and physical phenomena such as chaos theory, infinity, and the endless variation of certain geometric patterns to engage both the wonder and the ambiguity of our perceptual faculties.

Through a combination of sketches, exercises in and outside of the hot shop and cold shop, and immediate sculptural responses in the material, students will work through the creative phases of observation, synthesis, and manifestation in an actively curious and catalytic environment and aim at working with glass for its untested potential of becoming something new.

Some previous experience with working with glass is beneficial and an open mind towards a conceptual approach to glass working is essential.

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Danish Glass 2015

This weekend the long awaited exhibition on Danish Glass 2015 opens at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft. Luftkraft Glass Studio is plentiful in representation by both current and former members and in various capacities. Stine Bidstrup served on the jury along with Jutta Anette Page (DE), Tobias Møhl (DK) and museum director Dan Mølgaard (DK) for the juried part of the exhibition. Bidstrup is participating in the curated part of the exhibition along with Stine Diness Mikkelsen, Pernille Braun, and former member Christina Rivett. Tillie Burden and Mette Colberg are participating in the juried section, and Pernille Braun will be giving an artist talk on Sunday March 29th at 1 pm at the museum.

From the press release:

28th March 2015 – 27th September 2015, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft will be showing  ”DG15 – 40 years of contemporary glass in Denmark” – an exhibition, which will document and show the development of Danish glass over the past 40 years as well as the current trends and the direction of glass today.

The exhibition will be composed of two parallel shows – a curated show illustrating the historical development of Danish glass and a censored show, which will take stock of the Danish glass scene anno 2015.

This exhibition is a follow-up to the two previous exhibitions presented in 1994 and 2004, showing the status of Danish glass at that point of time.

The exhibition space in the old customs house will be used to present works by some of the most significant figures in contemporary Danish glass. The works/artists have been selected by glass artist Torben Jørgensen, also known for his long-term association with Holmegaard Glassworks as a designer.

This part of the exhibition will be made up of works from the museum’s own collection and partly of works selected by the curator and borrowed from glass artists themselves. Older, significant pieces will be shown, but some new works created by the invited artists may also be included.

In the museum’s new wing focus will be on the newest trends and tendencies in Danish glass today.

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